Kay Anderson, Ph. D. - TFG Senior Advisor

Kay Anderson joined TFG in 2015 after having served 26 years within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHSS) in a variety of roles.  Her last 15 years of Federal service were spent overseeing a large health services research grant portfolio.  In this role, Kay was heavily involved in technical assistance for grant submissions, including general grantsmanship and advice on precise application areas targeted during grant review.  She has worked closely with reviewers on many review panels and has served on review committees herself.

Kay served as a Health Scientist Administrator with DHSS since 2000.  Her responsibilities included oversight and management of a portfolio of over 75 health services research grants.  Kay's position required a great deal of written communication, program development and evaluation, and information dissemination.

Kay has a proven track record in building relationships with grant applicants and funding institutions.  She has successfully overseen grant programs in career development and infrastructure development for academic institutions.  In this role, she has significant experience in developing career trajectory plans to meet personal and institutional goals.  Additionally, Kay has expertise in academic infrastructure development to increase research capacity.   This includes providing technical assistance for individuals and institutions to successfully compete for Federal grants.

During her Federal career, Kay was involved in program development, implementation, oversight, and evaluation.  She has a high level of expertise regarding the intersection of policy and politics and how these forces influence programs on a community, state, and Federal level.  Her years of government experience have afforded her the knowledge to understand how to best leverage programs to meet goals during different political climates.

Kay received her Ph.D. in Health Education with a Public Health focus from the University of Maryland and teaches Health Care Policy courses online.  In recent years, Kay has focused on the Affordable Care Act and how this legislation has vastly changed the health care landscape