News and Information on the Federal Coronavirus Response

U.S. Small Business Program Handed Out Virus Aid to Many Borrowers Twice June 02, 2020
The Trump Administration has yet to Pay Out Billions in Emergency Health Aid June 02, 2020
CBO Says Covid Hurts Economy For Over A Decade June 02, 2020
Coronavirus Started Spreading in the U.S. in January, CDC Says May 29, 2020
Powell: Fed to Open Small Business Lending Program within Days May 29, 2020
National Parks: The Parks are Opening But Complicated May 14, 2020
CDC Guidance on Safely Reopening Public Spaces May 14, 2020
Possible Lasting Job Losses in Energy May 14, 2020
Report: Clean Energy Job Losses Mount May 13, 2020
U.S. Likely to Get Sanofi Vaccine First If It Succeeds May 13, 2020
Scientists Race to Find Cure or Vaccine for the Coronavirus May 13, 2020
Governors Call On Congress To Act On State Fiscal Relief May 13, 2020
Fed Chairman Asks Congress to Consider More Stimulus May 13, 2020
CDC guidance more restrictive than White House May 13, 2020
April Deficit sets Record at $738 Billion May 12, 2020
Western States ask Congress for $1 Trillion in Coronavirus Relief May 11, 2020
One for the History Books: 14.7% Unemployment, 20.5 Million Jobs Wiped Away May 08, 2020
Harvard Study says Only Nine States Ready to Safely Reopen May 07, 2020
Fed Chairman Powell urges Congress to unleash 'great fiscal power' to defeat Coronavirus, Repair Economy April 29, 2020
Replenished PPP Could Be Exhausted By Next Week April 28, 2020
US Capitol Building Visitor Restrictions Through Mid-May April 28, 2020
Overview of Federal Reserve's Municipal Liquidity Facility April 28, 2020
Schumer ramps up Offensive on lack of GOP Oversight of Trump's Coronavirus Response April 28, 2020
Senate Majority Leader McConnell says he won't support infrastructure in Coronavirus Bill April 28, 2020
House drops plan to return to Washington next week April 28, 2020
Federal Reserve Board announces an expansion of the scope and duration of the Municipal Liquidity Facility April 27, 2020
Majority Leader McConnell: Senate will return on May 4 to start next Coronavirus Relief Bill April 27, 2020
CBO Projects 39.6 Percent Quarterly GDP Drop, $3.7T Deficit April 24, 2020
Treasury State-by-State Economic Impact Payments April 24, 2020
Fed to reveal borrowers from businesses, government coronavirus lending programs April 23, 2020
Trump Administration considers leveraging Emergency Coronavirus Loan to force Postal Service Changes April 23, 2020
DC, Maryland and Virginia Leaders urge Trump Officials to extend Telework for Federal Employees April 23, 2020
Battle Heats Up for Phase-Four Coronavirus Relief Bill April 22, 2020
Senate Majority Leader McConnell Supports letting States Declare Bankruptcy amid Coronavirus April 22, 2020
House Postpones Plans to Enact Remote Voting April 22, 2020
House Republicans Push Back Against Proxy Voting April 21, 2020
House Majority Leader Hoyer Calls for Expanding Remote Voting and Committee Work during Pandemic April 21, 2020
Democratic Lawmakers ask how FEMA is Planning to Balance Natural Disasters, COVID-19 Response April 20, 2020
Senate Democrats Urge President Trump to Protect Food Supply, Essential Workers During COVID-19 Crisis April 20, 2020
Senate Sets Up Tuesday Session to try to pass Coronavirus Relief Deal April 20, 2020
CMS Announces Nursing Home Transparency Requirements April 19, 2020
Senate Democrats Demand Small Business Loan Data April 17, 2020
McConnell Rolls out GOP Oversight Efforts for Coronvavirus Relief Package April 17, 2020
GOP Rep. French Hill Named to Coronavirus Oversight Committee April 17, 2020
Democrats Press USDA To Create Rural Coronavirus Task Force April 17, 2020
House Democrats Push For Mail-In Voting Funds April 17, 2020
Speaker Pelosi Backs Remote Voting for House April 16, 2020
Senator Heinrich to Introduce Coronavirus Community Relief Act to Provide Federal Assistance for Localities Under 500,000 April 16, 2020
Trump Taps Members of Congress to Advise on Reopening April 16, 2020
Democratic Rep Pushes for Eligibility for Coronavirus Lending Programs to be Extended to Chambers of Commerce April 16, 2020
Senate Democrats Unveil Plan to Ramp Up Coronavirus Testing that Includes $30 Billion in Emergency Funding April 15, 2020
U.S. Chamber of Commerce to Give $5,000 grants to Small Businesses April 15, 2020
Hoyer: House Eyeing Possible Friday Vote on Next Coronavirus Bill April 15, 2020
Rep. TJ Cox Leads Bipartisan Effort to Make State and Local Governments Eligible for Emergency Paid Leave Payroll Tax Credits April 15, 2020
Senate Delays Expected Return until May 4th April 14, 2020
Senator Elizabeth Warren and Representative Ro Khanna Unveil Essential Workers Bill of Rights April 13, 2020
Senate Punts Stalled Coronavirus Aid to Thursday April 13, 2020
Senior Democrat Casts Doubt on House Returning Next Week April 13, 2020
Schumer Hopes to Start Talks on New Relief Legislation April 10, 2020
Schiff, Feinstein, Harris Introduce Legislation to Establish Bipartisan Coronavirus Commission to Examine U.S. Response April 10, 2020
House Chairs Communication on Inspectors General April 10, 2020
Senate 'Unlikely' to Return on April 20, Top GOP Senator Says April 09, 2020
Democrats Ramp Up Talks with Mnuchin on Next COVID-19 Relief Deal April 09, 2020
Fed will Finance up to $2T in New Coronavirus Relief Targeting Businesses/States April 09, 2020
Democrats Propose Bill to Undo Trump Move to Sideline Coronavirus Oversight Leader April 08, 2020
Democrats Counter with Demands for Latest Coronavirus Package April 08, 2020
Congressman Joe Neguse Introduces Legislation to Provide $250 Billion to Local Communities in Coronavirus Stabilization Funds April 08, 2020
Lawmakers Outline Proposals for Virtual Voting April 08, 2020
House GOP Leaders Back Effort to Boost Small Business Loans April 07, 2020
House Lawmakers Advocate to Preserve Medical Funding for Underserved April 07, 2020
Democrats want Conditions on New Funding for Small-Business Loans April 07, 2020
Connolly, Lawrence, Maloney Urge Congressional Leadership to Include Meaningful Relief for USPS in Next COVID Response Legislation April 07, 2020
Senate Democrats Propose $25,000 Hazard-Pay Plan for Essential Workers April 07, 2020
House Democrats urge Trump Administration to Reopen ObamaCare April 07, 2020
Treasury Preparing to seek more than $200 Billion to Replenish Small Business Loan Programs April 07, 2020
Senate Leaders Aim to Approve Additional Aid to Small Businesses on Thursday April 07, 2020
McGovern, Fudge, DeLauro, Pressley Urge Congress to Prioritize Anti-Hunger Efforts in Next Relief Package April 07, 2020
Federal Agency Expedites Sending Congressional Election Funds to States April 06, 2020
Fed to Purchase Emergency Coronavirus Small-Business Loans from Banks April 06, 2020
White House Sets Up Coronavirus Hotline April 03, 2020
FEMA Tells House Panel National Supply of Ventilators Running Low April 02, 2020
New Data Estimates Local Governments Will Spend Up to $20 Billion on COVID-19 April 02, 2020
House Democrats push huge jobs project in wake of coronavirus April 01, 2020
Senate Committee on Finance - Chairman's News April 01, 2020
FCC Chief Proposes $200M Telehealth Program March 31, 2020
Speaker Pelosi Floats New Stimulus Plan March 31, 2020
Trump Uses Defense Production Act to Require GM to Make Ventilators March 27, 2020
NYT FAQ on Stimulus Checks, Unemployment, and the Coronavirus Bill March 26, 2020
Real ID Deadlines Delayed One Year Amid Coronavirus Pandemic March 26, 2020
Developing: What’s in the Coronavirus Stimulus Package March 25, 2020
Speaker Pelosi says House will Review Senate Coronavirus Stimulus Package March 25, 2020
Schumer: Government Will Pay Four Months of Full Salary for Furloughed Workers in Stimulus Proposal March 24, 2020
FEMA Chief Says Defense Production Act Will Be Used for Coronavirus Test Kits March 24, 2020
The New Leave Entitlements Under FFCRA: Issues Unique to Public Sector March 23, 2020
Federal Reserve Press Release - Support for Municipal Bonds March 23, 2020
Democrats Seek to Increase Supplemental Funding Bill to $450 Billion March 22, 2020
Democrats Asked for $750B in State Stabilization Funds in Coronavirus Stimulus March 21, 2020
Saving Lives, Restoring the Economy - County Governments Try to Keep Up with COVID-19 March 21, 2020
New York Region Governors Ask Feds for $100B in Federal Grants March 20, 2020
Senators Urge Congress to Include Election Funds in Coronavirus Stimulus March 20, 2020
McConnell Sets Friday Night Deadline for Bipartisan Deal on Stimulus March 20, 2020
Treasury Delays Tax Filing Deadline to July 15 March 20, 2020
US Announces Travel Restrictions with Mexico Citing Coronavirus March 20, 2020
McConnell to Tee Up Third Coronavirus Deal Friday March 20, 2020
Coronavirus Response Suffers When Local Government is Starved March 20, 2020
White House Relaxes Rules on Federal Grant Programs Due to Virus March 19, 2020
Rural Health - Rural Response to the Coronavirus Disease March 18, 2020
15 Things to Know Today About Coronavirus March 18, 2020
Schools can get direct connectivity help from carriers after new FCC Ruling March 18, 2020
Politico Coverage of a Potential Third Coronavius Response Bill March 18, 2020