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FY 2019 Port Infrastructure Development Program

Posted @ Thursday, June 13, 2019    By Gabrielle Bronstein
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WHAT DOES IT FUND? The Port Infrastructure Development Program provides financial assistance for port and intermodal infrastructure-related projects. Eligible projects should improve the safety, efficiency, or reliability of the movement of goods into, out of, around, or within a port, as well as the unloading and loading of cargo at a coastal seaport including phytosanitary facilities. Click here for more information. 
WHO'S ELIGIBLE? Port authorities, a commission or its subdivision or agent under existing authorities, states or political subdivisions of a state or local government, tribal governments, public agencies or publicly chartered authorities established by one or more states, special purpose districts with a transportation function, multistate or multijurisdictional entities, and lead entities as described above who are applying jointly with a private entity or a group of private entities 

WHEN'S IT DUE? September 16, 2019 

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