Grant Announcements

Grant Announcements
WHAT DOES IT FUND?: The purpose of this program is to establish sustainable urban and community forestry by encouraging communities of all sizes to manage and protect their natural resources, which, if well managed, improve the public's health, well-being, and economic vitality, and create resilient ecosystems for present and future generations. Click here for more information.
WHO'S ELIGIBLE? Local governments and non profits.
WHEN'S IT DO?: April 30, 2018.
The purpose of the FP&S Grant Program is to enhance the safety of the public and firefighters with respect to fire and fire-related hazards by assisting fire prevention programs and supporting firefighter health and safety research and development. 
The purpose of this program is to establish and strengthen collaboration to support the efforts of community coalitions working to prevent youth substance use. Funding is intended to support established community-based youth substance use prevention coalitions that have never received an award through this program and that are capable of effecting community-level change.